"Smolball® is a captivating, fast and interesting team sport. When everyone whose adventure with this sport started before the lesson shares this opinion, then it means that it has to be something truly special. And Smoball® is indeed very outstanding.“

(Sport magazine „Tempo”, 16. September 2005, author B. Krol).

SMOLBALL® is a team sport that was created in the school for the school.   


When: 17-18 June 2017

Where: Switzerland, Scalettastrasse 33, City of Chur

Arrival: 16. June from 3pm

Accommodation: Zivilschutzanlagen: costs CHF 10.- /person/night without meals
Military house: 4-6-10 person room, costs CHF 20.- /Person/night without meals

Information: We are willing to visit you to introduce the game to you. After a short introduction the players are already on a very high level, which is very motivating.

Teams: Mixed teams, there has to be at least one girl on the field.
The team consists of maximum 10 players. Smolball® is played with 3 field players plus 1 goalkeeper.

Are you interested to try this innovative game? Please contact us under:

E-Mail: info@smolball.com

Tel: 0041 76 365 95 95

Organizing committee :

  • Smolball® and the Swiss Smolball® Association
  • www.smolball.com info@smolball.com
  • www.swiss-smolball.ch info@swiss-smolball.ch
  • Kindly supported by the city of Chur www.chur.ch